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If tears could build a bridge….

I am feeling blue today… but it’s OK. I still need to grieve the loss of my best, furry friend, Sasha. She was always by my side, and I loved her with all my heart. Nature is funny that way, it sometimes goes against its own rules. Sasha got sick, just after turning 2 years… We had to put her down. But I will always love you, Sasha.

If tears could build a bridge, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven, and bring you home again.


Lost in Translation

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed my accent. My hubby tells me it gets stronger if I’m upset or angry. But the weird thing is…. I am starting to forget Norwegian! I can speak it just fine, but writing…. The thing you need to know, is that my language has two official variety of written forms. The way I speak is nowhere near either of them. When I write letters and e-mail to family and friends, I write in dialect. To be clear; writing in dialect is not grammatically correct in any way, but it’s how I feel I best express myself. Now, whenever I have to write formally, that’s when I get into trouble. I can’t remember!!

Since 2003, I have written nothing but English, English, English…. I’d like to say my written English is pretty darn awesome, but somehow… SPEAKING it can be troublesome.
Let me give you an example of how explaining to a friend that “no, there aren’t any polar bears in Norway” became totally lost in translation.

In Norway, a “polar bear” is called ” isbjørn”. The name is derived from “ice” – “is” – which makes sense, because the bears live in a cold environment. So I said “ice bear”, and everybody started laughing. To my defense, I was under the influence of alcohol during the incident, but somehow… my friends now call me “Ice Bear”. Fun.

Baby steps

I have a lot on my mind, but not a lot of time right now to type it all down. Also, I am just getting my feet wet when it comes to customizing and making my blog all fancy-schmancy.
Right now — my coworkers and I are looking at the clock, waiting for the Friday evening to start. We’re all going out for a beer to celebrate good ratings. Life is good.
Happy Friday, all!

Take two!

Aight, I am back in the blogosphere. After a long break, I’ve decided to jump back on the horse and write a “proper” blog. I started my first a year back, but somehow I forgot my login information and all that jazz, which put me on ground zero.

But here I am! Ready to share with you little tidbits of nothingness, my thoughts, ideas and just plain simple braindust from the top of my head. Here you go. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 🙂