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Some of my pet peeves

I have many pet peeves. Here are a few:

* Annoying roommates. The ones who walk into your room without knocking on the door, and want to keep an eye on EVERYTHING you do. I once lived with 5 sorority-type-‘oh-my-god-it’s-like-totally-whatever’ girls that did nothing but diet and watch reality shows on MTV.


*Bums who ask for my money. I work hard for mine, I suggest you do the same.

*Hipsters. God…. They all pride themselves on being so damn ‘different’ but they all look the same to me. If you try to hard to fit into a crowd… you suck.

*Heidi Montag. Go. AWAY.NOW.

*Annoying interns.

*Religious nuts. I respect your beliefs, but I don’t necessarily agree, so don’t preach to me.

*People who hide behind religion to justify their wrondoings.

*Breeders. Both of kids and dogs.

*Did I mention ROOMMATES?! I once lived with somebody who kept a rattlesnake and guns in his room. Can you say INSANE?

*People who only talk about themselves. Seriously, I don’t care what you had for dinner or what your kid learned at school. I just don’t.

*People who keep their dogs barking.

*Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t come to your house, so don’t come to mine.

Now, talk to me. What are yours?


Random Nostalgia

Because we all long for things in the past….

Let’s talk hair!

My friend Natasha has the longest, silkiest, most perfect hair. I am envious, especially since I chopped off my locks last year. I am trying to grow my hair back out, but it takes time, and I am now sporting a in-between-awkward-state do.

My friend says she smothers her hair in oil before she goes to bed. No doubt it’s working, it looks so beautiful. I could do the oil thing, but I am kind of lazy when it comes to bedtime routines. My daily scrub and moisturizer is pretty much all I have the energy to do before snoozing.

Turns out there are a number of things you can do to boost your hair health. A website called “ARA” promotes OOKISA, a hair renewal product that’s reportedly popular in Asia. The products include a varieties of tea said to help thicken each individual hair. Hmm.. might be worth a try?

Another website called “UK Hairdressers” have several nontraditional approaches to shiny locks… How about washing your hair in beer? Or rinsing it in fabric softener?! You can also crush some aspirin and apply to your scalp to fight dandruff. Don’t take my word for any of these advice actually working….

I’d be happy to get any feedback!

Doggie Galore! (cuz there ain’t nothin’ cuter!)


There is one GREAT thing about living in America, breakfast!! Breakfast is usually big and greasy, and has everything you usually put on different dishes combined in one artery-clogging meal. Whether you wake up hungry for steak and eggs, or granola, waffles, or even a tofu scramble… it’s all just minutes away. Everything is bigger and better and available 24/7. Last Sunday I woke up with the biggest pancake hunger ever. I needed it sweet, and I needed it fast.

Thank goodness we live just a short drive from “the Original Pancake House”, which has the best coffee in town, hands down. And need I say free refills? All you can drink coffee and ice water. And we haven’t even gotten to the pancakes yet…. there are dozens of varieties…. crepes, Swedish pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, old fluffy buttermilk pancakes…fruit, whipped cream, marmalade, tropical syrup, maple syrup, dusted sugar… oh, you name it. You can even get a bacon waffle with tiny bits of bacon inside. The omelets are also yummy, and they come with freshly made salsa.

But back to that particular Sunday…. I already knew what I was having. Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter, fresh strawberries with whipped cream… and a good ol’ dose of Maple syrup smothered all over. Mmmmmm…….

Lane County Fair: Real American Values!

Two weekends ago, Jamie and I decided to check out the madness that was happening at the fairgrounds. I’ve only been to the fair once, and that was 3 years ago. I decided I’d go with no expectations or prebiased opinions. This is all good fun, yeah?

First stop, The Animal Barn!! I adore nothing more than tiny little piglets. I love them! The sight that met me, however, was slightly less heartwarming. Huge, panting animals in small disclosures, trying to escape the sweltering heat. I did see some cute, baby piggies though, and I sent them all my best wishes from my heart. (Yes, feel free to go “aw” here).

Some of the other creatures we saw, were chickens, sheep, goats (some had loooong ears!), peacocks, and rabbits, to mention some. I don’t care much for rides, so we skipped that part.

One of my favorites, however, were the displays of produce, jam, bread and other locally grown products. I loved how they tried to re-create the essence of each individual grange. My own personal favorite was the Santa Clara grange. Yay for visualizing true, family values!!

Watch closer…

It’s the hottest show on TV right now! Yes, I have a slight obsession with Simon Baker and “The Mentalist”. But since I work at a CBS affiliate, I have the right to promote our network’s shows.

The plot is awesome, the writing kicks ass… and the hunt for “Red John” will keep you at the edge of your seat through each episode.

Thanks, Bruno Heller, for giving us a reason to watch prime time TV again! Or at least have an excuse to use the TiVo!