Meet Mr. Bryson!

If you’re not already familiar with this brilliant author and linguist, ‘tis the time!

Bill Bryson is one of my favorite authors for various reason. One of them is that he so often captures the bizarre moments I often find myself in…. As a foreigner I am constantly puzzled and amused by America in all its wonderful glory; double standards, weird rules, right-wing bias and that EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN THE USA! I could go on… but I want you to read it for yourself.

Mr. Bryson has a unique way of observing everyday life in the most humorous and ironic ways.

I want to share with you a passage of his book “I’m a Stranger Here Myself” on the author’s returning to America after living 20 years in England.


“I came across something in our bathroom the other day that has occupied my thoughts off and on ever since. It was a little dispenser of dental floss.

It isn’t the floss itself that is of interest to me but that the container has a toll-free number printed on it. You can call the company’s Floss Hotline twenty-four hours a day. But here is the question: Why would you need to? I keep imagining some guy calling up and saying in an anxious voice, “OK, I’ve got the floss. Now what”

As a rule of thumb, I would submit that if you need to call your floss provider, for any reason, you are probably not ready for this level of oral hygiene.”



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