President Obama to demystify health care reform

CNN is reporting that Obama is looking for ways to simplify his health care plan and to make it clearer and more concise. About time! Maybe now we won’t have Palin shouting out about “death panels”? It’s obvious that his health care proposal needs a serious round of editing. Not necessarliy in the means of content, but in order for the reform to pass… he needs support that can only come from UNDERSTANDING! Nobody wants to vote for something that’s not 100% clear to them, right?

It’s also time to calm the fears of so many American citizens who believe that a universal health care system is just another way for the government to violate one’s personal freedom. Come on! Think about the millions who are unemployed right now… or the millions with part-time jobs that DON’T offer health insurance! God forbid you getting cancer AND losing your job….


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