C’est la vie

I don’t think there is anybody out there in the world who has never wondered about life and what it is all about.

No matter what we have, what we gain of experience, wealth or other materialistic values – we always crave and want more. And no matter how happy we think we are, we always think that things can be better. It is never good enough; it is always just as good as it can be. We can be content and satisfied, but it is just temporary. Tomorrow is a new day, and there are new possibilities. We seek out to what we think can heal our inner wounds, what can fulfill us and what can patch together our weary souls. We crave affection, attention, confirmation, pleasure and comfort. We smoke and drink and stuff our bodies with dangerous substances to make us escape into our own manufactured reality where everything seems to fit – for a little while. And then reality bites. Haunts us down, drags us back and slaps us in the face. We wake up and smell the truth, and we need to let go of our pathetic illusions, which are nothing but false and shitty perception of a phony alternative universe.

How about we slow down the pace and embrace this ambiguity of life? Yes, it’s a cliche but life definitely is a roller coaster. What is good today might be bad tomorrow and vice versa. But it is a resolution – none of this is in our hands. We are not supposed to weave our own web, all we can do is follow our intuitions and our feelings, to make the best out of what we have, and allow ourselves to be happy. It is allowed to think “this is perfect”, even if we are afraid it might be gone in a second. But the temporary ecstasy is worth it.
Because what we have today might be gone tomorrow. Even so, pain is life just as much as pleasure is. What hurts like hell is the confirmation that you are alive. Which is nothing less than wonderful.


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