A year has passed…

It’s been a year since I wrote this…. I just thought I’d be fun to revisit some of the thoughts that occupied my head last September.. We all know how things have turned out, but remember… this was written before the ’08 Presidential Election. I just want to share with you some of the crazy newsletters that come into my inbox weekly.
Yes, I have strong opinions, but this is MY blog, and I can write how I feel. 🙂

OK, I am sleep-deprived, and crabby. And probably can’t spell very well right now because my contacts are foggy. But — I just have to share this, because it made my day. Circus ’08 continues. Yes, I know this is not a statement from the McCain camp, BUT – it shows just how messed up some self-proclaimed Conservative Republicans can be. And some readers actually believe this, because they simply don’t know any better. Just read and weep… seriously. ————————–….————————–….————————–….———–“Now we move to a real patriot, a woman who will be John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, but who is far more qualified on all levels than Obama to be president. The article title begins with the fact that Obama is afraid of a woman. That woman is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. As I mentioned at the start of this column, Obama launched his first attack on Governor Palin before John McCain had time to make the official announcement.McCain was set to introduce Palin at noon. Some reporters pieced together flight information on the various “short-list” candidates, and reported that Governor Palin was to be McCain’s running mate. Within 15 minutes, without doing any research on the Governor, Obama made a hasty and unfounded attack public.He said that McCain had chosen “the mayor of a town of 9,000, with zero foreign policy experience.” If Obama’s handlers knew anything about politics outside of Washington, DC, they would have stopped him before he put his foot in his mouth (yet again) by missing the fact that she is the Governor of largest state in the Union. (Although much smaller in terms of population, Alaska is twice the size of Texas, and almost six times the size of California.) Yes, she was a mayor, and a darned good one if you ask the people she led. And she used that beginning as a stepping stone to greater and greater responsibilities until she defeated a corrupt incumbent governor, and embarked on a successful crusade to crush corruption in Alaska. (Before Palin, Alaska had the same reputation for political corruption as Chicago, where Obama learned his politics.)As to foreign policy experience, she is the Chief Executive of a state that is uncomfortably close to Russia, and was once owned by Russia. She is also the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard (!!!!!!!), which would be our first line of defense should Russia try to do to Alaska what it recently did to another former Russian possession, the nation of Georgia. (You may say even Russia is not that crazy, but that’s what everyone was saying about Georgia just a few weeks ago.) (Holy shit… I am rolling on the floor laughing!) So I would put her knowledge of foreign policy way ahead of Obama, who served just 143 days as a junior senator before his arrogance persuaded him that he was capable of running a nation. His only foreign policy experience has been the blunders he has made during his campaign for the Oval Office. His mistakes during his pronouncements on international affairs made his inexperience and lack of preparation painfully evident.As far as the other two people in this race, McCain’s foreign policy experience overwhelms that of Joe Biden. And Biden was added to the Obama ticket with the express purpose of propping him up in this critical area where everyone (including his own party members) acknowledged his weakness.So where Obama picked his running mate to try to make his ticket credible, McCain further strengthened an already strong campaign by bringing aboard someone who had vital experience that Obama, Biden and even McCain lacked: executive experience. Rudi Giuliani put it best when he spoke Sunday on “Face the Nation.” “She’s vetoed legislation; she’s taken on corruption in her party and won. She took on the oil companies and won. She administered a budget successfully.” Obama, meanwhile, has “never run a city, he’s never run a state, he’s never run a business, he’s never administered a payroll, and he’s never led people in crisis.”Oh, by the way, Palin has an astounding 80% approval rating form the people she governs. Obama shares in the shameful 9% approval rating of Congress.Setting aside for a moment the fact that Sarah Palin is far more qualified than is Barack Obama to be president, ask yourself this question. Who would you feel safer with as vice-president, knowing that she or he could become president at any moment: Joe “Politics-as-Usual” Biden, who has run a committee? Or Sarah “The Reformer” Palin, who has very successfully run the largest state in the United States of America?”Excerpt from CONSERVATIVE TRUTH 09/01/08Obama’s Fear of a Woman; Thoughts on a Liar and a Leader By Tom Barrett Publisher@ConservativeTrut….h.org————————–….————————–….————————–….————-Seriously… if living in a state that borders to Russia makes one an expert of foreign policy, then Gaaawd help us. And even comparing Russia’s relationship to Alaska (or the US) to that of Georgia…? What the hell is wrong with this person? Oh that’s right… he is a CONSERVATIVE. Or just a Bible-preaching nutcase that believes being a “pro-gun, anti-gay, pro-life, white male, Christian, ignorant-to-anything-other….-than-what’s-American-beca….use-that-makes-you-not-pat….riotic, right-winged-off-the-chart….s Republican that sways everything that’s not conservative into the DEVIL”, is the perfect American, and thus hits a home run with the ignorant and scared and uneducated God-fearing Americans who believe that “freedom” comes from invading foreign countries and bombing their civilians because they don’t count as much as those who died in the 9/11 terror attacks.Oh, and by the way. Sarah Palin is a firm believer of abstinence only sex ed in schools. Whops! See how well that’s working? Oh, shit that doesn’t matter. Bristol is going to MARRY the baby-father. Oh, well bless them. It’s all forgiven. Never mind she DID have premarital sex (which Christians say is a NO-NO!), she’s going to marry him even though she probably doesn’t love him…because, hey!, after all they just got nekkid…what’s love got to do with it? But that’s OK, they can divorce after high school…and go down the same line again with someone else. It’s OK, it’s all forgiven.


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