Drop out of school and be a bum!

Yes, you read it right. Who cares about something as trivial as education? Fire up that bong instead, and take it easy. Life is hard enough.

Or… you COULD work hard in school, and do something with your life. There’s still no guarantee that you won’t be a bum, though.

But here’s the thing… President Obama is set to speak to children in America’s schools tomorrow, and some thinks… that’s BAAAAAAAAAAD! I mean, how dare he? How could a leader of a nation do something so incredibly foolish as to encourage kids to read and learn? Yeah, that’s really bad political propaganda, and just another sign that end times are near… We’re one step away from a socialist-communist famished nation with a president-turned-dictator at the steering wheel.

Republicans are encouraging everyone to celebrate “National Keep Your Child At Home Day” . So what message does that give? Mom and dad don’t agree with the President because they’re scared he might turn us into little left-wing liberals? Or, mom and dad are trying to push their political agenda on the kids?

Come on! What happened to common sense? Are we so caught up in this republican vs. democrate war that we can’t see straight? As an independent, and a non-citizen of this country, I say: Let the kids go to school, and let the kids hear the President. There are far worse things in this country to worry about. Far worse.


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