Let’s talk hair!

My friend Natasha has the longest, silkiest, most perfect hair. I am envious, especially since I chopped off my locks last year. I am trying to grow my hair back out, but it takes time, and I am now sporting a in-between-awkward-state do.

My friend says she smothers her hair in oil before she goes to bed. No doubt it’s working, it looks so beautiful. I could do the oil thing, but I am kind of lazy when it comes to bedtime routines. My daily scrub and moisturizer is pretty much all I have the energy to do before snoozing.

Turns out there are a number of things you can do to boost your hair health. A website called “ARA Lifestyle.com” promotes OOKISA, a hair renewal product that’s reportedly popular in Asia. The products include a varieties of tea said to help thicken each individual hair. Hmm.. might be worth a try?

Another website called “UK Hairdressers” have several nontraditional approaches to shiny locks… How about washing your hair in beer? Or rinsing it in fabric softener?! You can also crush some aspirin and apply to your scalp to fight dandruff. Don’t take my word for any of these advice actually working….

I’d be happy to get any feedback!


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