Some of my pet peeves

I have many pet peeves. Here are a few:

* Annoying roommates. The ones who walk into your room without knocking on the door, and want to keep an eye on EVERYTHING you do. I once lived with 5 sorority-type-‘oh-my-god-it’s-like-totally-whatever’ girls that did nothing but diet and watch reality shows on MTV.


*Bums who ask for my money. I work hard for mine, I suggest you do the same.

*Hipsters. God…. They all pride themselves on being so damn ‘different’ but they all look the same to me. If you try to hard to fit into a crowd… you suck.

*Heidi Montag. Go. AWAY.NOW.

*Annoying interns.

*Religious nuts. I respect your beliefs, but I don’t necessarily agree, so don’t preach to me.

*People who hide behind religion to justify their wrondoings.

*Breeders. Both of kids and dogs.

*Did I mention ROOMMATES?! I once lived with somebody who kept a rattlesnake and guns in his room. Can you say INSANE?

*People who only talk about themselves. Seriously, I don’t care what you had for dinner or what your kid learned at school. I just don’t.

*People who keep their dogs barking.

*Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t come to your house, so don’t come to mine.

Now, talk to me. What are yours?


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