I just read an AP wire story that claims foreign students at OSU think studying in the US is harder work. I have to disagree.

The story, which nicely adds that foreigners boost tuition revenue with more than $15 million a year, reports that OSU turned to an outside recruiter to help the foreigners adjust to American university life.

Now, read this:

On the board of a classroom at Oregon State University recently, new international engineering students made two lists about what it’s like to study in the United States.
Under “hard,” they wrote: “homework,” “wake up at the morning” and “a lot of things to do and to read!” The “easy” list was blank.

(Source: Associated Press)

I was an international student myself at the University of Oregon, and I felt the studies were easier than those of my home college, University of Bergen. Waking up in the morning is nothing new, and I am definitely no stranger to homework! And – the finals here in the States usually involve multiple choice. We don’t have that back in Norway!

Maybe OSU just didn’t recruit enough smart Scandinavian students? 😛


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