Monthly Archives: January 2010

Meet Jane!

This is my new friend at work, Jane.

She looks happy, don’t you think?

I give her plenty of water, she listens to me, and never complains.

Go Jane!


Some of my photographs…

I love photography. Sadly, I don’t have a decent camera right now… I blame my paycheck.
Anyways, thought I’d share with you some of my work. All of these are copyrighted, so please don’t use them without my permission.

Got Candy?

Here’s an old picture of my hubby Jamie’s band, Candy Machine. Just for the record. Get it?

The band is now called Candy Machine Wrecker, and you can check out their music here.

Walking Paige

Bad cell phone quality, oh well. Camcorder next!

The American Experience #2

You’ve heard the saying…. “Everything is bigger in America.”

Not true. Have you seen the mailboxes? They’re tiny!! I don’t get it… the mail men have to squeeze the mail, letters and newspapers to fit it all. If, by chance, they can’t make room for the mail… they often knock on the door, and leave a parcel behind.

This is what met me when I got home this afternoon.

Please help LCAS!

Lane County Animal Services, or LCAS, is in need of new fencing for their dog yards!

If you want to help, you can donate money, or go to Coastal Home and Farm and purchase panels.
Tell the clerks there that they are for LCAS.
Coastal is offering special pricing on the fencing through the end of January. The store is located at 2200 W. 6th Avenue in Eugene.
For more information about LCAS, visit their website.

The American Experience #1

Dining in America is quite the experience. It’s no secret that Americans love their food.. and their flavors! No need to focus on just one, over here it’s expected that the cooks cram into one dish as many flavors as possible. Sour cream, bacon, melted cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce and gravy all piled on top of, say, biscuits. Bring it on, baby!

But in all honesty, I will miss going out to breakfast.
Jamie and I went to “Ye Old Pancake House” on West 11th last weekend. When you order coffee, you don’t get a tiny plastic cup a’la Norway. You get a whole thermos!!

That’s the way it should be!!

Also, no need to bug the server to bring you sugar, or extra ketchup. The tables are already stacked with all the condiments you need, including my favorite – green hot sauce!

No wonder I’ve gained weight over here. Just take a look at what we ate:

It’s artery clogging on a plate. Yumm!