Get your face on for the party!

Five Steps to Stay-Put-All-Night Party Make-Up!

Fellow females, it is time to confess; whether it is a best-friend’s wedding, the high school prom, an important date, disco fever on spring break or a New Year’s Eve party – we all want to be the belle of the ball. Weeks before the big event, we spend hours and money on outfits, shoes, hairdressers and makeup – but what is the point if we end up looking like a melting bag of M&Ms before the second dish is served? Everybody knows that beauty comes from within, but sometimes a well-applied makeup that highlights our best features is exactly what it takes to give us that extra boost of confidence which is often needed before a long night of mingling. If you are among those who have to run to the restroom every 30 minutes to matte down a shiny nose, or afraid that the lip gloss covers the glass more than your lips – do not despair. Here is a process of navigating with beauty-tools the way professionals do. Not only will you look stunning as you leave for the party; as you enter your house in the early morning hours you will still shine like a star. And look at it this way – if your long time expectations of the big night out did not fulfill your dreams – you can always tell yourself “at least I looked great!”

Step one: Cleansing. The key to a long lasting yet radiant makeup is the base. Always cleanse and tone your skin before applying a moisturizer. This will calm and soften your skin and prepare it for make-up. If you are among the lucky ones blessed with a normal skin, there are multiple products to choose from. A long time favorite among models and celebs is Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream ($28), which is an all-natural holistic cream suitable for normal skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, go for a calming creme such as Lancome Hydra Zen ($46). Those with oily skins should apply a mattening gel-product that hydrates while it prevents the oil from flooding. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($23) is a good choice. TIP: For extra radiance and illumination, boost your face by applying Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, available at Sephora ($36). Not only will this fluid make your skin flawless, it will also keep your makeup fresh and concealed all night long. Perfect for those 24 hours party peeps.

Step two: Foundation. This is one of the most crucial phases in the process. There are too many women who either put on too much or choose the wrong color. Remember that less is more, and when scrolling the department store for the perfect foundation, always try it on your cheekbone, not on your hand. If your skin only needs a little hint of color, try Stila Sheer Control Tinted Moisturizer ($34), which will even your skin tone and make it look radiant for hours. For skin that needs more magic, try the new sensational air-brushing foundation from Christian Dior, DiorSkin AirFlash ($60), which has a stay-put and long-lasting guarantee. Simply spray it on and forget about it. Your skin will be velvet-like for the rest of the night. TIP: If you have greasy skin and want to feel extra secure, brush on some translucent powder to keep your skin smooth and matte.
Step three: Concealer. Dark circles? Red spots? Acne? Do not let these buggers ruin your night. Cover up with Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen ($34) and wave those worries good-bye. For more advanced operations, check out Tarte Natural Beauty 7 Piece Natural Complexion Collection – Light ($157 Value), also available at Sephora.

Step four: Eyes. Always start by applying an eye shadow base. It will protect your eyelids and conceal your eye makeup. A good buy is i.d. bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Minerals ($18) from Bare Escentuals. Use it as an eye makeup base, concealer or blush. It contains only fine and natural minerals; it is so pure that you can sleep with it. However, every party princess should be woman enough to remove all makeup before retiring to bed.

Let us move on to the tricky part – eye shadow! No matter which color you choose, always apply the shadow with clean brushes. A good tip is to dab a buff of translucent powder under your eyes; this will catch up excess shadow and prevent it from coloring off onto your perfectly made-up skin. Simply sweep it off when you have finished applying the shadow. If you feel like staying on the all-natural track, follow up with Bare Escentuals Eye Shadow ($12). These 100 % pure mineral shades come in a specter of colors, and should have a suitable option for anyone.

The most important, and often tricky part of the eye makeup is mascara. Do not enter the ball without long silky lashes. Add emphasis to your eyes by lining the contours with NARS Eye Liner Pencil ($18). Use a q-tip dipped in foundation to erase errors if your hand is a little shaky. Next – stretch the lashes with NARS Black Orchid Mascara ($22). Remember to comb the lashes with a lash brush between each application. For a stunning Marilyn-look apply three coats of mascara. My long-time personal fave is Lancome’s DÉFINICILS – High Definition Mascara ($24.50),

Step five: Lips and cheeks. Almost there! With the image of a lipstick-covered glass still visible, go for a long-lasting product that will not come off. Try Tarte Rise & Shine Plumping Lip Stain ($21). The color is supposed to last for a minimum of eight hours – while making sure you have the shiniest pout in the crowd. Just remember to go easy on the color if you have chosen to put focus on your eyes. On the other hand, if you have kept the eye area neutral, never underestimate the power of red lips.
The last step is easy; simply smile and brush on the bestselling NARS Blush in Orgasm ($25) on the apple cheeks for that cute, youthful fresh-complexion we all love to hate. Envy no more, this time it will belong to you.

Still feeling pale, you say? If you want to woo the crowd by making an entree a la J-LO, add some faux sunshine by applying Guerlain’s famous Terracotta Bronzing Powder ($46) which is suitable for all skin types. Sweep it over your forehead, nose and cheeks, and you will look like you spent a week in St. Tropez. This product is a must-have for all the glamourinas out there.
Mission completed! You will shine like a star even post midnight. Dance to the rhythms of your life and enjoy a refreshing margarita without any worries. This time the makeup stays on you.

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  1. Oh my GOD..I Love it..Great tips

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