Daphne has her forever home!!

I love spending time with doggies. Anyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about animals. If you have any spare time, I highly recommend using it to help those who cannot speak for themselves. A good start is to check out Lane County Animal Services’ website. Here you can find information about becoming a volunteer, see the list of dogs and cats that are currently impounded, or numbers to call if you want to become a foster.

One of my favorite dogs, Daphne, has finally found her forever home. I couldn’t be happier. Daphne was always happy to see me, she was all wiggles and smiles, and the sweetest bully mix ever. Just look at here… isn’t she a cutie??


3 responses to “Daphne has her forever home!!

  1. I fostered a dog I found for a week! I still get to see him. Kudos to you for your good work! 🙂

  2. Miss, I've been thinking about fostering, too!!

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