The American Experience #1

Dining in America is quite the experience. It’s no secret that Americans love their food.. and their flavors! No need to focus on just one, over here it’s expected that the cooks cram into one dish as many flavors as possible. Sour cream, bacon, melted cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce and gravy all piled on top of, say, biscuits. Bring it on, baby!

But in all honesty, I will miss going out to breakfast.
Jamie and I went to “Ye Old Pancake House” on West 11th last weekend. When you order coffee, you don’t get a tiny plastic cup a’la Norway. You get a whole thermos!!

That’s the way it should be!!

Also, no need to bug the server to bring you sugar, or extra ketchup. The tables are already stacked with all the condiments you need, including my favorite – green hot sauce!

No wonder I’ve gained weight over here. Just take a look at what we ate:

It’s artery clogging on a plate. Yumm!


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