The biggest threat to society

Ask a friend, a stranger, a politician. Ask them what they consider the biggest threat to society. Some will answer “terrorism”. What is terrorism? A foreign threat to your country? Religious extremists that will not think twice before blowing themselves up? Others might say “global warming” is destroying our planet. Some are awaiting the apocalypse and Jesus’ 2nd coming.

You want to know what my answer is? Ignorance.

Ignorance breeds ignorance, and I am still shocked by the high number of uneducated or simply plain dumb people that inhabit the earth.

I want to share an e-mail that I recently found in my inbox. Now, it could quite possibly be a sick joke. But I have no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of people out there who actually believe this to be the truth.

Dangerous, indeed.


“The following story is what I believe to be the
truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
about the Bible and Evolution. God created the
Heavens the earth and all the animals. Then he
created a Garden of Eden from which he created
man from the dust. God called this man Adam.
After a while God saw that Adam was lonely.
So God put Adam to sleep. Then God opened
Adam’s side and took one of Adam’s ribs and
created Eve. God only created Eve as someone
to keep Adam company. God created Adam and
Eve without the knowledge of evil.
God did not give Adam and Eve the knowledge
or the power to have sex and create. That’s why
God created the Garden of Eden. That was Adam
and Eve’s home for eternity.They would never
die.They would have eternal life in the Garden
of Eden. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
and the animals on the earth. “

“Lucifer also told Eve that he would make
them into Gods. So Eve fell for Lucifer’s lies and
she ate from the tree of knowledge of good and
evil.Then Eve got Adam to eat from it. When they
did their eyes were opened and they saw that
they were naked. They covered themselves up
with figleaves and ran and hid from God.
That’s when they gained the knowledge of evil
and the power to create. So it was Lucifer who
gave them the knowledge and the power to create.
It wasn’t God. “

“God turned Lucifer into a snake to eat the dust
of the other animals. When Adam and Eve were
outside the Garden of Eden they still had a
choice they would have gone with the goodness
of God and not had sex and created they would
have grown old and died and we would not be
here. But instead they went with the evil and
the power that Lucifer gave them and they had
sex and created. “

“What ever they created would have been a
true son and a true daughter. Or a true brother
and a true sister. When the true brother and
sister had sex to keep the population going
that would have been just incest. “
“We are still the same because people still
create birth defects and deformaties. Here are just
a few examples. The blind, deaf, handicapped
mentally retarded, shemales, midgets, giants,
child molesters, serial murderers and many more.
We are all birthdefects because we all have the
knowledge of evil. When you marry someone
you are marrying someone that is 3 times closer
than a true brother and sister.”

“Long before Jesus was born there were
thousands of slaves that ran off around the
world and started their own countries.
When these slaves ran off there was a large
group of men and boys of all different ages
and sizes that took off and ended up in Africa.
Some of these men and boys
went exploring to Borneo and caught female
Orangutans and took them to South America
and had sex with them and created the American
Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa
caught female Gorillas and had sex with them
and created the African Americans.
When scientists found the bones in Africa
they thought we evolved from a female
Chimpanzee. But it wasn’t a natural evolution
it was a man made evolution.That’s where all
the and Orangutan creatures come from.
They are half man and half Gorilla and half
man and half Orangutan.”

Man is literally destroying the earth and
himself by over populating. Save your
generations from suffering a miserable and
horrible end. Stop creating and if you have
children tell them when they grow up not to
create. Please help spread this message to the
entire world.”

Don’t ya wonder what kind of drug this person is on??!


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