Going flexitarian!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably read in a previous post that I am trying to slowly cut meat out of my diet. Flexitarian is the new way to go, baby! It’s simply the grey area between being a carnivore…or a vegetarian.
Personally, I’m not *that* into beef. I mean, it’s all about the seasoning and the extras, right? And pork… it kind of grosses me out thinking about all those cute little piggies. And chicken…don’t get me start. So this week, I’ve been enjoying delicious non-sausage patties from Morning Star. They’re awesome!! They are tasty and fill me up, and do good for body and planet.
I’ve been sticking to a veggie diet the past few days, and I’ve lost 2 pounds. Yay! It’s all about being creative.
This was my lunch yesterday. A bowl of noodles, a packet of veggies, and three patties. It may look gross… but the taste was delicious.

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