A perfect night

Nothing is perfect, right?

But my Valentine’s Day was! I think sometimes the most spontaneous acts turn out better than perfectly planned ones.

Jamie and I had dinner reservations at 9:30 at an Italian restaurant downtown called Ambrosia. Parking was tough, so once we found a spot we kept it. But we were a little early, and there were no seats at the bar, so to kill time, we headed across the street to the Downtown Lounge.

What a pleasant surprise!! It’s not my fave spot, but this evening I was delighted to enter an ambient atmosphere, complete with red blinking hearts, soft lights and live music. The musician, Jesse Meade, sang romantic folk/blues songs – his raspy, yet velvety voice whispering sweet little nothings in our ears. As we sat at the bar, sipping our drinks, I couldn’t help but compare the scene to that of a quirky, Zooey Deschanel-starring indie flick. Gazing characters, buzzed narratives, blurry focus. Little did I know, though, that the movie script had something else on the next page.
Soon, our mellow evening turned into one of those insanely bizarre David Lynch sequences when brain-thirsty zombies entered the bar. This is Eugene, after all.

Two drinks, half a brain, and 18 dollars later we trotted over to the restaurant. I had a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio, and Jamie, being the beer-lover he is, ordered the local favorite – a Ninkasi IPA. For starters, we shared a big plate of calamari. We forgot about being civil for a while, and just dug in, tentacles, lemon juice and aioli all over the place. Funny how a few drinks can make you believe you are starving.

At one point I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Imagine that we’re still in a movie. The female character, all made up for the evening – a new dress, high heels and that extra coat of lipstick, daintily puts her napkin on the table and walks slowly across the floor. Did I say slowly? She gazed about her, a little blurry-eyed from the wine…and a little clumsy, because, that’s just her nature. All of a sudden.. boom. She falls, and the music stops. CUT!
She gets up, and tries to hide, but to no avail. A dining female at the table nearby asks her, “Oh my God, are you OK?” Yes she’s fine, she just wants to disappear.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. I broke my vegetarian rut, and had (gasp) New Zealand Lamb with rosemary bread and creamy mashed potatoes. It was heavenly.


One response to “A perfect night

  1. Fun night! The Downtown Lounge is strange (in a good way) but in the summer the front porch area is great for people watching.

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