Memories…. These are what made me

My dearest Sasha enjoying a day at the Oregon Coast. RIP, sweetie.

My hometown Sykkylven, the most beautiful place on earth

Landing in Los Angeles September 2005, a true coming-of-age moment in my life

With my friend Jaclyn and her posse at a nightclub in Seattle

One of the first pictures of Jamie and I

Proof that I participated and WON the first prize in a Norwegian game show. Woot!

My cat, Kroken

Allen Hall at the University of Oregon

With my friends Ragnhild and Lindis

Santa Monica beach

Visiting Ålesund with my hubby

My babe and I

School pride

A view of Bergen, Norway

With my friend, Heidi

With my BFF, Ally

With Anne and Ally in Seattle. Fun times

With Ally, during one of our many impulsive trips to Portland


One response to “Memories…. These are what made me

  1. How fabulous! I didn't know you were on a game show. AND I love that you had a cat.

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