Facebook faux pas

Am I the only one who’s getting annoyed with all these trivial Facebook status updates? I want those short little tidbits to be funny, intriguing, informative, sarcastic, mind blowing… or at least… somewhat interesting.

Weather updates make me yawn, unless we’re talking major tornadoes, hurricanes or other natural disasters. ‘It’s raining out again’ doesn’t even pinch a brain cell. Really? It’s raining? Whoooooa! Or summaries of what you did that day, unless, of course, you did something extraordinary. ‘Went to work, did the dishes and some laundry, and had a glass of milk…’ booooooring. I also don’t want to read about your health issues, pregnancy woes or other body-related challenges in details. If you are obsessed with breast feeding or that little Timmy isn’t pooping… join a mommy-forum or write a blog. I don’t need to know about your heart burn or swollen feet. You’re the one who joined the baby-factory movement, so deal with it! I also don’t need to read today’s Bible verse, or what day you think the earth will collapse. That’ your problem, not mine.

I’m glad I have the ‘hide’ button so I can get rid of all these insignificant matters. Or I can just delete ‘friends’ altogether. Just because we’re ‘friends’ on Facebook, doesn’t mean I’m really your friend.

But please! Engage me! Shout out about what you think about the latest trends, news, movies – anything! Use those little phrases or sentences to challenge people to think! Share a quote! Antyhing!


3 responses to “Facebook faux pas

  1. Love this post. So true! FB also gets to me when it promotes crappy games like Farmville. Also, the "Please pray for…" updates. What about the good souls out there who don't believe in prayer but instead pro-active movement to change things?

  2. I hate the ones that are relating to the persons relationship situation, IE, "<}He's only worth what he's willing to give up." And then of course a bunch of hearts or emoticons.UGh gag me with a spoon.

  3. Yes! I agree with you both. There is just too much crap out there… we don't need to know EVERYTHING! And yes, being proactive is better than just praying. *Do* something! And all those flagwaving, Bible-preaching hypocrites that are just hiding behind the psalms.

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