Monthly Archives: May 2010


Yes!! It’s the moment we all (I) have been waiting for. Sex and the City 2!! The sequel! I am super stoked about this. We’re planning a girls night out this Saturday with all the bells and whistles. Cosmos, popcorn and Carrie. It will be great.

The end of an era…the dawn of a new

What up folks! It’s been forever since I last blogged. Everything is just so chaotic these days, I barely have time to just sit down and have a breather. Arizona’s new immigration law, Elana Kagan, oil spill, ash clouds, Greece riots, Nashville floods, allergy season, global warming, Diaspora, 3-D centerfolds…. certainly make up for exciting news times.

Speaking of news… I have some of my own. My hubby and I are finally taking the plunge and moving to Norway! That means a new life, a new job and new adventures.

So to mark that I am changing my hair color! It’s a little tribute to my crazy side.

I’m thinking raspberry red. Yes?