The end of an era…the dawn of a new

What up folks! It’s been forever since I last blogged. Everything is just so chaotic these days, I barely have time to just sit down and have a breather. Arizona’s new immigration law, Elana Kagan, oil spill, ash clouds, Greece riots, Nashville floods, allergy season, global warming, Diaspora, 3-D centerfolds…. certainly make up for exciting news times.

Speaking of news… I have some of my own. My hubby and I are finally taking the plunge and moving to Norway! That means a new life, a new job and new adventures.

So to mark that I am changing my hair color! It’s a little tribute to my crazy side.

I’m thinking raspberry red. Yes?


2 responses to “The end of an era…the dawn of a new

  1. So excited for you guys. Did you go with Raspberry Red??

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGO GOOAOGMOGMGOGMOGMOGMIT'S YOUR (FORMER) OTHER HALF!!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!Are you really changing your haircolor?!!!?!?!?I have to see you soon. I love your life and I want to be in it MORE!!Can I come meet you in london or what? Norway is GREAT too I would LOVE to got to norway. Maybe I can meet you in London and come to norway WITH you, then I will not get lost in norway lol. This is getting to be too long for a comment. I love you I love your writing I miss your beautiful face and I THINK YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING WITH RED HAIR!!!

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