This could easily be one of my more selfish posts, but I just need to share my latest purchased items.

Check out these boots from Chinese Laundry: Can you say GORGE?! These bandage boots hybrids go with anything! Especially vintage dresses if you want to add a little punk to the pretty. They’re pricey, but I scored them at Ross for $20!!!
And then I went into Sephora (cue heavenly music). Awww… I just can’t get enough of Too Faced! I thought I was hooked on the new kitchy Asian phenomenon Tokidoki, but when I saw the summer collection from TF, I converted back. I bought the so-called “Natural” eye shadow palette, but I’d rather call them supernatural. It’s this season’s hottest shimmery bronze and gold shadows, perfect for a pale beach-babe-wannabe like me. If you’re fair, they’re your best bet to play up what God gave you. For those blessed with darker hues, I’d use them as shimmer effects. You can’t go wrong with these.


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