I’m out in the woods!

Talk about urban camping! I can actually get a signal and log onto the web at the Albee Creek campground in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park! Not only that, they have power outlets in their wooded seating area at the arena. Wow-y wow-y. That makes it easier for a high maintenance girl like me. We’re supposedly in ‘bear and cougar country’ but I haven’t seen any.
But what I *did* see….
*water snakes (TWO of them!!)
* lots of spiders
* an owl
* blue jaybirds (is that what you call them?)
* a caterpillar that tried to get into my beer. Yikes!
* biting flies and mosquitoes
* a dog (yay!)
The Redwoods are pretty, but I feel like it’s an extended Hendricks Park! But sure, I know how to appreciate old growth forests.
Still – I am VERY excited to be on the way to San Francisco today!

One response to “I’m out in the woods!

  1. Love the pic. So exciting! Good for you!

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