In between

What a strange place to be…. in between transistions. My own personal limbo.
I don’t know where I belong – neither here, nor there.
I don’t have a job or my own place. I don’t even know what I will be doing one year from today.

But it’s not about what I lack. It’s about what I’ve gained. My husband and I are now on the threshold of our future.
We did it! We took the leap. We found the courage to break loose and dive into unknown and foreign territory.
For me, it’s back to my home country, my old life, and the place I once wanted so desperately to leave. For my husband, it’s an exciting and unexplored territory – a wrapped present ready to be unveiled.
But we’re in this together as a team. We can do this.
What lies ahead? We don’t know. But what we do know is that we’ll make the most of it in the bravest way we can.

One response to “In between

  1. LOVE the blog. LOVE the post. I envy you in a way and am so excited for you! Remember – you are not back to your old life. This is your new life. You are a new person. Way to go!

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