Phew! What a week!

At last… Friday!

It’s been a hetcic, but great week. It was a challenging week at work, but I loved it. This week we focused on the editing part of my job. But that wasn’t all.. we also got sent to breaking news. A man is accused of setting fire to his apartment. Fortunately, everyone got out safely. One of the main differences I noticed from America.. police and fire are extremely polite and helpful. It’s like they are going out of their way to help media. Good or bad?

I’ve also had to deal with some difficulties regarding our immigration application. Turns out we need a stamp called ‘apostille’ to verify the validity of our marriage certificate. Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The 4 times I talked to UDI before we didn’t need it. Jeez.

Jamie and I have been busy moving into our new apartment. Yay! It’s not new per say. I was conceived in that very place. But don’t you get any thoughts, thank you very much!

My grandma and grandpa built the house in the 50’s. My mom and dad lived in the basement when I was a baby. Jamie and I are now getting ready to move in. We’re thinking a retro design that will already go with the foundation. Color tones: red, purple and white. I want to keep the organic shapes while still implementing modern items. If you have any suggestions, throw ’em my way.

We still haven’t seen any of the stuff we shipped from Eugene. I will have to spend an entire blog post discussing the troubles we’ve had with Rainier and EuroUsa shipping. ARGH!

Until then…. be safe. I miss you all!


One response to “Phew! What a week!

  1. Missing you like crazy. Excited that you are moving into your own apartment and that your job is going well. Know that you and Jamie are thought of often. Love your blog. xo

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