No milk today

I feel like I am slowly re-adapting to Norwegian life. But, like any other country, there is a big difference between city life and country life. Duh. I’m getting used to the slow pace, narrow roads and the fact that we don’t have a decent pub on this side of the fjord. Going somewhere takes planning. When going to work I have to take a ferry and a bus. Sometimes two buses, and if I miss them… I’m screwed.

We don’t have a car, but we borrow my parents’ car all the time. Bless them. We can’t bike anywhere now that the snow has come. But we’re adapting… ever so slowly.

However, I often end up in situations where I have to stop and think to myself, “was it ever like this?” I also get shocked. Literally.

We have shockwaves in the shower! No kidding. That deserves an entire blog post alone, so I will move on to the literal sense of “shocking”.

We have ONE coffeeplace in town. One. I’ve been there quite a bit lately, mostly with my mom. There is always a babyboom in town, and young mothers frequently occupy the place with their little ones. Last time I was there I was enjoying my meal when suddenly I moved my head and stared straight into a nipple. OK, I get breastfeeding. But if you *have* to do it in a public place, can you please cover up with a little blankie? Some things should stay private. I wouldn’t feel comfortable flashing my boob in front of strangers.

Let’s just say I let my latte get cold after that.

The view. A major difference from Eugene… the bikes are replaced by strollers.

And I am slowly losing my intellect down the drain with dirty diapers.


One response to “No milk today

  1. Oh. My. Word. There's a million strollers! Also, no to breast feeding in public. If you HAVE to, don't do it at the table and cover yourself. Eeeks.

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