Leave it to your imagination

There’s a website that I have to check out on a regular basis. Not because I am fond of the content, rather it’s because I am appalled with it. Conservative Truth is a right-wing organization that labels itself as ‘the antidote to the liberal newsmedia.’ I’d rather call it a hatefilled misogynist racist homophobic witch-hunt project that hides behind the American flag. They cater to the high school dropouts, religious fanatics, white supremacists and folks who are in desperate need of a higher power to guide them onto the right way. The newsletters reek of jingoism – and aims at glorifying America as God’s chosen land and people. Oh, except for women, blacks and gays. The pursuit of liberty doesn’t apply to those.

One of the recent posts by Humphrey Stevenson, a chemist no less, expresses a naive longing for the good old days. In his article ‘Longing for Leave it to Beaver’, Stevenson believes that the traditional marriage between a man and a woman is one of the most essential building bricks to the American society.
He writes:

“In the mid-twentieth century, the progressives set about to create dependency on the government by destroying the American society. Therefore, they attacked the cornerstone of the society; the family. They did so by driving the man out of his role as principle provider and protector.”


“There have been a couple of radio ads airing for an organization called BoostUp.org. This organization’s stated purpose is to encourage students to finish high school.

The first ad features a teacher asking a mathematics “word-problem” question of a student named Jacob who is also working part-time after school. The question boils down to how can he drive his mother to her dialysis treatments every day, work his part-time job and still find time to finish his science project this week. The intention of the ad is to elicit sympathy for Jacob and other students like him that must shoulder a heavier load for the family.
However, the ad elicits another question; “Why can’t the father of Jacob drive the mother to her daily dialysis treatments?” The ad fails to address this question.”

Umm… let’s see… Maybe Jacob’s dad is dead? Perhaps he is an alcoholic unable to provide for his family? Maybe he was an abusive jerk or a pedophile? There is a big gray area here, and no need to jump to conclusions.

Why should society rely solely on men to be the providers? Why can’t women?

It’s sickening to me how Stevenson believes that a holy matrimony between a man and a woman is without fault. It takes two to tango. Sometimes people get married because they have to. Other times, people grow apart. It’s better to be single than in a bad relationship. And what if the husband turns out to be a serial killer in disguise, abuses the kids, beats his wife, has an affair? The possibilities are endless. Do you, Mr. Stevenson, honestly think that a woman should stick to her man no matter what?


2 responses to “Leave it to your imagination

  1. Horrifying. I'm glad we can share our opinions without fear of retribution from the government but wow. An informed and educated opinion is so much more usefl.

  2. Horrifying. I'm glad we can share our opinions without fear of retribution from the government but wow. An informed and educated opinion is so much more usefl.

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