Movie fans, please look here

I need to pick your brain about movies! I am writing a feature on the best and worst occult movies EVER.

So, here’s a preliminary list… Please add your suggestions.

The Omen
Rosemary’s Baby
The Ninth Gate
The Exorcist
The Ring (?)
The Rainbow and the Serpent

Exorcist the Beginning
The Craft
Gingerbread Man


2 responses to “Movie fans, please look here

  1. Okay, does this one count? The Wicker Man (remake, 2006) with Nicolas Cage. It was BEYOND terrible.

  2. Haha! Really? I actually kind of liked that one…. 😛 I will post the list when I am finished. So far, the best ones are:THE OMEN THE EXORCISTTHE RAINBOW AND THE SERPENTTHE NINTH GATEBRAM STOKER'S DRACULA:)

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