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Ready for 2011?

I think I am…. It’s weird to think that this will be the first year in a long time that I will not be in the US. Among the things I miss…. my collegues at work, impromptu wine dates, dancing at Davis’, looking at fun things at Hirons, the gorgeous Willamette Valley, my car, the UO campus and the fab bookstore, beer pong, and the transition from being a college student to a working woman.

2010 was in many ways a year of change. Jamie and I said goodbye to our circle of friends, our life in Eugene, our habits and went on a cross-country trip across the US. As we made our way across the vast continent, we reflected on what we had been through and wondered what was ahead of us.

Many have asked me why we moved back to Norway, as if there was some major scandal that drove us here. Umm… no. After 5 years in Oregon, why not try something new? It was a major step for Jamie, but he wanted nothing more than to jump to the challenge. For me, it was the opportunity to be close to my family. As an only child, you can imagine the thrill for my parents when their “little girl” finally decided to return home. We don’t know yet what we will be doing in 5 years from now… but that’s the excitement of trying out new things. We’re like nomades…. we are not in a hurry to have kids or “settle down”. Instead, we want to explore what the world has to offer, and harvest the fruit of our labor(s). I hope, of course, to land the dream job where I can not only flourish and thrive, but also be able to be financially secure. I hope my husband Jamie will be granted an immigration permit so he can be able to legally work and live here in Norway with me. I hope he will get a band together so I can once again experience the thrill of seeing him perform.

I also have some deeply personal resolutions that I will not mention here, but what I can tell you is that I want to strive to be a better person – both to myself and those around me. I will focus on the opportunities instead of the problems. I will put great work into keeping the friendships of those close to me, and focus less on the ones that are purposely drifting away from me. Emerson was right when he said that one of the signs to success is to, “endure the betrayals of false friends.”

Whatever your dreams and hopes are for 2011, I hope the coming year will bring you the best of what life has to offer.

As we welcome the new year, I close off with some good memories from 2010.


With friends at Niagara Falls

New Orleans

Jamie inside a Knoxville music store

Camping in Malibu

In New York

With Natasha and Catie

Last day of work… my boss brought snacks!

Dance party at Melissa’s


Musings on small town Norway

Hello, I live in Sykkylven, Norway, and I……

*am at a party, introduce myself and the person tells me he/she already knows who I am, what I do and where I’ve been

*get stared at by folks who don’t instantly recognize me

*crave diversity

*can get everywhere even if I don’t have a car

*need to plan my shopping since everything closes down during the summer, holidays and on weekends

*always see the same people when I go “downtown”

*often get behind a tractor going down the road

*wish there were a place I could get an iced latte

*wish there were other people that didn’t
a) work at Ekornes
b) are busy popping out kids
c) isolate themselves with their significant others
d) do all of the above

*find myself wondering why people consider this music

*wish there were other things to do than to join a soccer league, a marching band or the linedancing club

*really don’t find Klypa funny at all

*wish more people didn’t worship countrymusic

*still get taken away by the beautiful scenery every time I look out the window

*feel lucky to live close to my family 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday! Here are some snapshots taken with my cellphone last night. In Norway, we celebrate on Christmas Eve with a feast, drinks and presents.

My aunt Unni and mom in the kitchen

Setting the table

My cousins and I

Natalie the cat takes it easy

‘Tis the season

Hello bloggers!

It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and type. I am busy in between two jobs since Jamie can’t legally work yet, so there’s not much downtime. But hey – who’s complaining. We’re blessed with a place to live, a family that cares, growing friendships and a mutual optimism for the coming year.

Christmas is upon us, but this year I have not been stressing out about baking or decorating. Just finished my last batch of shopping during today’s lunch break at work. I haven’t been mailing out Christmas cards to everybody, but a few selected ones. Mostly due to the cost of shipping, which is HIGH! And speaking of Christmas cards…. I am absolutely in love with the vintage ones you get from Laughing Elephant. If there is not a store near you that sells them, you can order them online. Not just Holiday cards, but cards and calenders for every occasion. The company even has a Good Dog Carl collection! Love!

On a sidenote…. Jamie and I went to Bergen to celebrate my birthday. We stayed with my friend Anette and her boyfriend Jogeir. We had a blast! Bergen is such a great city, and I am hoping to get a job there SOON! We also met up with my cutie BFF Heidi for a B-day mocha. We went shopping, sightseeing and spending too much cash. In the evening, Anette surprised me with a birthday cake… and the party was ON! Anyways, after a few bottles of bubbly and VIP-mingling (don’t ask), we got 86’d from a club, my new Jenny Skavlan collection dress got covered in bird poo, and I lost my camera. Argh!

Pictures from Heidi

So… here’s to a joyful holiday and optimistic thoughts for a wonderful Happy New Year! 🙂

Sea Of Freedom


I love sketches! They are the perfect way to convey feelings, moods, thoughts or actions. A sketch is an impulsive and fast-paced method to artistically capture what you see or feel. They are rough and raw. Sometimes they are a first step to a bigger picture (literally), other times they are perfect on their own. I keep many of my sketches because they are like a diary. When I revisit what I’ve created in the past, I’m there again for a second or two.

I used to be an avid drawer/painter, but I am afraid that the stress of work and college took me away from it. I’m finally slowly getting back into the habit of droodling and sketching and painting my days onto canvases again.

Here’s one I did on a blue Sunday. It’s not pretty, but it portrays the emotions of pure helplessness I felt on that particular day.