I love sketches! They are the perfect way to convey feelings, moods, thoughts or actions. A sketch is an impulsive and fast-paced method to artistically capture what you see or feel. They are rough and raw. Sometimes they are a first step to a bigger picture (literally), other times they are perfect on their own. I keep many of my sketches because they are like a diary. When I revisit what I’ve created in the past, I’m there again for a second or two.

I used to be an avid drawer/painter, but I am afraid that the stress of work and college took me away from it. I’m finally slowly getting back into the habit of droodling and sketching and painting my days onto canvases again.

Here’s one I did on a blue Sunday. It’s not pretty, but it portrays the emotions of pure helplessness I felt on that particular day.


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