‘Tis the season

Hello bloggers!

It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and type. I am busy in between two jobs since Jamie can’t legally work yet, so there’s not much downtime. But hey – who’s complaining. We’re blessed with a place to live, a family that cares, growing friendships and a mutual optimism for the coming year.

Christmas is upon us, but this year I have not been stressing out about baking or decorating. Just finished my last batch of shopping during today’s lunch break at work. I haven’t been mailing out Christmas cards to everybody, but a few selected ones. Mostly due to the cost of shipping, which is HIGH! And speaking of Christmas cards…. I am absolutely in love with the vintage ones you get from Laughing Elephant. If there is not a store near you that sells them, you can order them online. Not just Holiday cards, but cards and calenders for every occasion. The company even has a Good Dog Carl collection! Love!

On a sidenote…. Jamie and I went to Bergen to celebrate my birthday. We stayed with my friend Anette and her boyfriend Jogeir. We had a blast! Bergen is such a great city, and I am hoping to get a job there SOON! We also met up with my cutie BFF Heidi for a B-day mocha. We went shopping, sightseeing and spending too much cash. In the evening, Anette surprised me with a birthday cake… and the party was ON! Anyways, after a few bottles of bubbly and VIP-mingling (don’t ask), we got 86’d from a club, my new Jenny Skavlan collection dress got covered in bird poo, and I lost my camera. Argh!

Pictures from Heidi

So… here’s to a joyful holiday and optimistic thoughts for a wonderful Happy New Year! 🙂


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