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Favorite song of the moment

I am just in love with this dark, but catchy song from Danish rock group THE RAVEONETTES.


First week in Bergen (in pics)

Celebrating with Heidi!
At SoHo in Bergen (red eyes)

Anette and Anja… can’t believe what they read!
Anette and I
Tina, Anja, me and Anette

Open the window…

…to new possibilities!

2011 is off to a great and exciting start already (hope I don’t jinx it)! I got a new job at TV2 (no more local news, yay!) and we are moving to Bergen! I am so happy to be able to live in the city again, and I have lots of friends there that are very dear to me. Also, Bergen is pretty much the Norwegian equivalent of Eugene — lots of rain, lots of student and lots of artists and musicians. I hope Jamie will like it there.

Things are a little overwhelming right now, and in times like these I tend to get very emotional. But that’s normal, I think. You have to give up something in order to gain another.

I am sad to move away from my family again, but at least we’re on the same coast in the same country!


And thus January has begun

How’s 2011 treating you so far? Still on track with your resolutions, if you had any?

I think I am doing well. NYE started a bit rough, though. Jamie and I were going up to my parents for dinner, and the roads were slick as popsicles. We didn’t get up the hill, but me – being my persistent self – INSISTED that I try at least one more time. Jamie sighed and got out of the car. Long story short – I managed to crash the car into a huge rock. No big damage was done to the car, except for a broken headlight. Anyways, I now had to walk up a steep, slippery hill with my 6 inches peep-toe Nine West heels. (That, on the other hand, went smooth.)

Next, at dinner, the centerpiece candle fell over at least two times before anyone considered it an option to move it to another place so it wouldn’t set the table on fire.

Oh, and discussing politics with your immediate family over dinner is never a good idea. Trust me. Things can get very heated.

However, with drinks coming and fireworks going off, we all had a good time and welcomed the new year with champagne toasts.

Since I got a “nice” letter from my doctor before the holidays telling me I have iron deficiency, I have stocked up on iron pills, vitamins and fish oil. My fridge has lots of green in it, and I am slowly cutting the carbs. I also have a part-time job every other weekend that definitely does not include sitting on my ass, so at least I get to move around quite a bit.

Here’s to hoping 2011 will be a healthy, happy and successful year!