First week in Bergen (in pics)

Celebrating with Heidi!
At SoHo in Bergen (red eyes)

Anette and Anja… can’t believe what they read!
Anette and I
Tina, Anja, me and Anette

3 responses to “First week in Bergen (in pics)

  1. LOVE the "fish eye" pictures. How did you do that? Feature on the cam. Very cool.

  2. It's my friend Heidi's camera, and she has a fish eye lens that she attaches to it. Pretty cool!

  3. Var så kos, vennen!! ❤ Nam nman, sushi 😉 Gleder meg masse til dere skal flytte hit og alt det gøye vi skal finne på!! Begynt pakkingen nå? LOVE U!! Kos, Heidi

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