Beauty Buzz

(I stole this survey from my friend Denae’s page. Thanks hon!)

HOW TO SAVE A BAD HAIR DAY? A quick shower and let the hair air dry. Or wear a hat.

WORTH THE SPLURGE? Kanebo Cream Foundation

CHEAP, BUT WORTH A MILLION? Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with a Touch of Sun.

I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME Cake-y makeup looks horrible. (Then somebody finally DID say something). I was 13 and clueless.

I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE TOLD ME To be adamant about skin care. What you do to your skin in your 20s will benefit you in your 50s. That means no tanning and no smoking and plenty of moisturizer.

BEAUTY PET PEEVE? Greasy hair. And people that never wear any makeup. I think just a little goes a long way, especially in a professional setting.

FAVORITE BEAUTY TOOL? Hair straightener

BEST BYGONE BEAUTY? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Use it for EVERYTHING.


I WISH SOMEONE WOULD INVENT A freckle eraser. (Kidding!) Allthough I used to want this when I was younger.

LIPSTICK OR GLOSS? Both. I love full, red lips at parties, but sometimes gloss is better. I am in love with Too Faced’s Lip Injection. It gives you full, plump lips with a sting. For weekdays I prefer Aquaphor or Rose Bud’s Salve.

I FEEL CONFIDENT When I feel happy and loved


One response to “Beauty Buzz

  1. Now I don't feel like I miss you so so much! Glad to see your sweet face and read your updates here. I've never tried Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with a Touch of Sun and I'm getting it on your recommendation.

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