Blogging hiatus

As you’ve probably noticed… I’ve been slacking on this blog for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I have every intention of keeping it. But I have been feeling uninspired and unable to produce something. I always have tons of ideas in my head, but I often lack the energy to sit down and get them out. Oh well. I plan on doing something about that! I finally got my laptop working again, and I was able to upload a few pics. Success!

So what has been going on lately? Basically just settling in. Working, getting around, being social.
Some friends and I decided to start a club. Girls only with lots of wine, chatting and plain and simple fun.
For the first meeting, I made a few tapas dishes. Aspargus wrapped in serrano-ham and bacon, chili marinated scampi with rice, and tortillas with goat cheese, salami, apple, onion and ruccola. And deviled eggs!!


One response to “Blogging hiatus

  1. So sophisticated! I wish I could have sampled your tapas. Great idea.

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