Get ready to spark!

Since Norwegians don’t rely on cars as much as the average American, we often turn to the spark. Winter is the essential time to kick the dust of this ancient method of getting ahead. We call it spark, others sparkstøtte. It came into use in the 1900s here in Norway, after it was first made in Finland.

To be honest… I don’t really use it that much. These days, the activity of sparkstøtting is mostly for older folks or kids. But it’s fun, and it brings back some dear childhood memories.

I took Jamie on a trip to introduce him to real Scandinavian culture!


3 responses to “Get ready to spark!

  1. Annie! That is amazing and so very cool. Thanks for the video!

  2. Hey that looks fun, thanks for sharing that Annie!

  3. God you guys are SO CUTE ❤

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