Reunion after 5 years

Last weekend my friend Anne came to see me. We met while we were both exchange students at the University of Oregon. She’s from Singapore, and probably one of the coolest people I have ever met. She’s fierce, outspoken, gorgeous, intelligent and has impeccable style. My first memory of her is a bit blurry, but I remember hanging out with her and some other friends at the then Cafe China Blue in Eugene. It was September 2005. From that day on, we hung out at least every week. Thursdays were drinking days at Rock’n’Rodeo. I would crash at her dorm after hitting the bars, and go to class Friday morning, a wee bit hungover, and still wearing my party clothes.

The last time I saw her in Eugene was on my 24th birthday. I had a little B-day party at my house, and some girls stayed the night. Anne was going back to Singapore because she had already finished her studies. I was going back to Norway for the holidays.

Fast forward to 2011…. I am back in Norway, and Anne is studying in Paris, France. We’re on the same continent again! We agree – we HAVE to meet. But can one weekend make up for 5 years? No. But we can sure as hell try!
Of course… we didn’t get nearly as much time as we’d want. But it was wonderful to catch up and hang out again. Next time we’ll be meeting in Singapore!

Halloween in Eugene, 2005

Anne and I in Seattle, Dec, 2005

Together again in Bergen, Norway, 2011


One response to “Reunion after 5 years

  1. Really enjoyed reading about your friendship. Also the latest pic of you two is gorgeous! You haven't aged a day.

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