Blogging, or lack thereof…

I know it has been a long time since I have written anything even remotely worth reading. But honestly, I am lacking inspiration and the will to create something that could possibly be interesting to my readers. I have been in a self-loathing and depressing mood, just concentrating on getting by. Is it the summer blues? No, it’s missing my man and being in a miserable state.
But what’s the point in feeling sorry for oneself? There is none! But it’s OKAY to admit that you’re not jolly and that you wish things were easier.
What helps me get by is my family and friends, animals, sunshine, laughter, drifting into a good movie or a book or looking at the stars while enjoying a crisp glass of wine.
I look forward to going “home” to Eugene and see my husband again. Hopefully thing will work out for us.

One response to “Blogging, or lack thereof…

  1. Things WILL work out and I sort of know how you feel. Gosh the ups and downs are so difficult but all will be fine. Plus, I like what you said about it being okay to be blue. You're right. Feel those emotions as they come.

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