Back to Eugene!

I can’t believe I am finally here!! When I got back to Eugene I felt like coming home. I kid you not. Being back with Jamie is something I cannot describe with words. It was beyond wonderful. We’ve been apart for four months, and for some that may not be a long time, but for us it was an eternity.
The trip was seemingly painless. I was at work the previous day until 11 p.m., but since my flight was at 6.25 a.m. and the shuttle would be leaving at 4 a.m., I didn’t want to go to bed. Instead, I turned on some happy music and finished packing. Trust me, I *needed* the extra time to finish packing. I always postpone it, I don’t know why. I never have travel nerves, ever. While packing I also cleaned the house and did some laundry. Talk about multitasking! Hope I didn’t keep my neighbors up. Oh well.
I took at cab to the bus station, and it was pouring down rain. I gotta admit it was a little creepy sitting in a deserted place in the middle of the night with only some bums and druggies a block away to keep me company, but it was fine.

I snoozed on the plane to Amsterdam, and when I got to the airport I was amazed by all the tulips and flower seeds they were selling. I mean, unless you are transferring to a domestic Dutch flight, you can’t really bring flowers and seeds to other countries, am I right?
Anyways, I didn’t get the requested seat on the plane. I HATE sitting in the middle because I need to crawl over people whenever I need to use the restroom and stretch my legs. Speaking of flying – here’s a great advice I always do before boarding. I go into the duty free shops and smother my face with the most expensive sample of facial serum, like La Prairie or La Mer. This time I used a combination of Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster, shop here, and Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Fluid Hydration, found here. I swear, my skin was literally GLOWING by the time I landed in Portland. No signs of stress, dehydration or tiredness. Plus, I drank lots of water and napped.
I was last in line for the customs and immigration inspection (figures), but was pleased at how welcoming they were. Seemed like they encouraged me to get my Green Card renewed, and move back to the States……!
Jamie met me on the other side with a rose. Sweet!!! We got some coffee, and headed back to Eugene. We stopped to get lunch on the way. So happy to be with my babe again. LOVE!!

More pics to come later! We are off to Ashland today. Ciao!


One response to “Back to Eugene!

  1. So happy you are enjoying your time with Jamie. I know you miss him like crazy and glad your trip over went well. xx

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