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Trying to fall asleep… more fun to listen to Lissie


What is democracy?

So… what is exactly is democracy? Highly debatable and subject to personal, regional and contextual interpretations. At the very best, we have a floating but anchored conception of democracy.

“What democracy is cannot be separated from what democracy should be. A democracy exists only insofar as its ideals and values bring it into being…. in a democracy the tension between fact and value reaches the highest point, since no other ideal is further from the reality in which it has to operate.”

 – Giovanni Sartori, Theory of Democracy Revisited, 1987

High fashion meets H&M

Donatella Versace has collaborated with the Swedish label for an exclusive fall collection available in stores November 17. Consider me in line!

Evolving love

My husband Jamie made me this song shortly after we started dating. In the years we’ve been together we’ had a lot of crazy things happen, but we try to look at it all as one hellluva ride and in the end I know it will be one good successtory. Jamie made this video using his cellphone. No fancy pancy Final Cut for you bro, but you still make beautiful art stripped down to its core. I love you.

My study partner for the day

He is totally in favor of transitions from authoritarian rule.

Missoni to the pedals!

How cool is this!! I can’t get over the fact that Margherita Missoni is teaming up with Target for a fabulous fall collection! Oh how I wish I were in the States….. Just how cool is this bike? A pimpin’ ride for sure! The line is anticipated in the stores September 13. Check it out:

The season —

— either comes early, or is now an all-year thing. This little santa has been my happy helper ever since I started my job in January. With fall just around the corner, what’s the point in shoving him in a box? I’ll let his merry face overlook me on my stressful days and hope that whatever happens will be joyful.