With a little help from my supplies…

… I can get through the day! It’s hard enough starting my day at 6:30 (I usually work nights) without having a bad cold. I feel bad for my coworkers having to hear my sneezes and coughs. I brought Red Bull to fight fatigue, Pepsi Max instead of coffee, Aquaphor for dry spots and lips, Mentholatum to ease a sore nose, Kleenex tissues, Avene thermal psray, eye drops, EOS lip balm and eye drops. Jeez, I am like a walking pharmacy here.

But what is a mere cold compared to the forces of Mother nature. My thougths are with my fellow Americans battling Hurricane Irene today. Hopefully she won’t gain more strength and fizzle along the east coast without a lot of damage.

We have a live shot with reporters stationed in North Carolina and Libya today. I hope everything goes smooth.

Thank you readers for your patience as I do this blog upgrade, and figure out all the kinks and winks and what not. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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