At 30, I’m going back to school

Haha, well, it’s not exactly as grim as it may sound. I enjoy going to classes in the mornings, work on my studies then go to work. These are definitely busy days with lots of research, methodology and a brief grasp of the so-called “third wave of democratization” post-1970s. Pretty interesting, and comparative politics go  hand in hand with journalism, humanities and social science. I’m not on a new career path, I am merely just supplementing my degree and giving it a little meat to its bones. And you can just never get enough knowledge! Who knows, with two close friends having pursued their Ph.Ds, maybe one day I’ll look down that same path. But that’s years from now. Happy reading!

(PS.. sorry bad pic quality. Cell phone!)



First day of classes

I love my book bag

I keep this vintage sticky notes for scribbling down ideas. I also like to think they keep me leveled  at some point from going ga-ga.


One response to “At 30, I’m going back to school

  1. I LOVE THOSE STICKY NOTES LOL. And i love you. You are going to do great in school 🙂

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