Disclaimer: I feel very privileged to live in this country. I have lots of freedom. Vacations every third weekend ( in my case, that is), or during Easter, long summer holidays, (and for teachers – winter and spring vacays  -). I like 🙂

I have the freedom to go to school even if my parents didn’t save up a college fund. I get governmental aid to get my books, and once I pass my exam, it’s a part refund/scholarship. To elaborate; yes you need a loan, but the tuition fees amount to less than 100 dollars, so you’ll have plenty to spend on housing and extra-curricular activities. Going to school here is a reality, not a dream. If you want to make something of yourself —-> go to school! You’ll meet people who will be  there for the rest of your life! That being said, please note that college is a breeding ground where stupidity wrestles with knowledge in a mud bath. OK, so I am not the typical alumnus but I think back to the times at the University in Bergen (UiB) and the University of Oregon (UO) with fond memories. I felt like I grew 10 years older.

Fast forward a little…. Someone close to me has faithfully worked almost every day of her life. She is 60 now, and is looking at retirement coming in a few years. She wants to do something a few days a week when her neck and knees and migraines aren’t taking a toll on her. She’s fought the system for years! But alas, there are too many people with too few diagnosis, but one helluva mess with paperwork. How fair is that?

My key point is…. With elections coming up, I hope to God there will be some people who can recognize how poorly our money is being distributed. We are one of the richest nations in the world, but we still cannot manage the logistics of putting every child in day care semi-close to home or provide proper assistance to the elderly choosing to live at home,  or a room at a nursing home. There are hundreds out there on waiting lists, yet rooms stay empty because each municipality have failed to distribute the money. We HAVE the money. They are not being spent wisely and it makes me mad.

 It’s MY tax money I see go up in flames when young lazy people go about their day smoking and playing video games. So it’s MY right to ask: what’s your excuse? Yes, I am tired too, and yes I have suffered from severe depression in the past…. but labor never killed anyone. We need a system that should be stricter about putting young people on welfare. We need to engage those simply filling in where there is no formal position. If you are already receiving welfare, you can walk, talk and do little things… how about visiting an old lonely person at the nursing home and talk to them for a few hours? Read them the paper or a book, or sing a song to them. I used to work at a nursing home too, and felt ashamed that we, the workers, only had time to clean and feed them. What they need is quality time! Or how about helping out at a humane society? Dyrebeskyttelsen and other services taking care of animals could surely use an extra hand. I think NAV needs a better system where they look  at the pitfalls and simply try to put functioning people out there to help the system. Trust me, it will benefit in the long-term.

For the sake of tax money I need some change. Let the kids under 18 have a place to hang out at nights or during the weekends. Maybe we can also get the death toll down a little if the “råners” kept reading up on their traffic rules instead of driving like idiots. I don’t want to see old people sleeping in the hallways because there isn’t enough space, and I certainly don’t want to see young slobs bragging about their welfare on blogs like it’s some accomplishment. Let illegal immigrants be sent home if they can’t respect our laws and women, and let the cue be shorter for those who are the ones really needing benefits from NAV.

And for heaven’s sake…. let my husband come to Norway! He comes with no baggage or “snuff” as religion, propaganda or extreme beliefs or a radical desire to change our society. He wants to integrate, learn Norwegian, work hard and contribute!  He is neither a person seeking asylum nor is he a criminal,  so he is perfectly able to work and contribute to the system. If you, UDI, send him out again I have lost all my faith in the Norwegian system. Trust me, I work in media, and you do NOT want to pull this crap on us once again.

There. Have I made my point clear now?


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