A glimspe of my very “productive” day

Yes, I am on bedrest still. Feeling much better, but I wan to throw some of the books out of the window. Completed part 1 of the interviewing process, now it’s on to transcribing, logging, categorizing, compare and contrast in order to for a hypothesis. Not too bad. My assignment is about the general public’s, emotions, support or disregard of a test-election where people as young as 16 may cast their ballots in the 2011 municipal election.

Still have some research and reading today, but I always work best under pressure. Today’s study room is the bedroom complete with cough drops, milk tablets, tissues, water, coffee, thermal spray, a blankie, my notebooks, other books, my computer (of course) and a pic of Jamie ro remind myself he is coming next month. So unbelievably excited! ❤

Laptop, books, blankets, pen, notes, coffee stains....

If you notice some spelling errors, please let me know. For some reason I configured the screen to be small, and everytime I try to reset it, it goes even smaller. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Then again, is it a sign that I need stronger glasses?

Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday no matter what you are doing.

on se parle bientôt!


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