My heart still bleeds

Several things have been on my mind today. Such as…. why did I go out last night, I am behind on my reading, it’s getting colder out, I wish I had a rug…. and so forth. But the biggest event of the day is of course the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news. I used to work at a frozen pizza factory (hell on earth) and I wore headphones with the radio on. It seemed like everybody stopped what they were doing as the information hit them. We were confused, scared. Would this be happening in Norway, too? Was it the beginning of WW3? After my shift ended, I drove back to my parents to watch the news. I remember crying and being scared. I had just come back from a trip to America the previous month, and hoped that everybody I knew there was safe. I vowed to never to go back to the US after that becase I was too scared. Well, all of you who know me knows how that story goes… I am not going to dwell much on it. Have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq done anything for worldwide security? I doubt it. It hardly works to reinforce Western style democracies in countries ruled by religious law with limited or no rights for women. Yes, we need to separate Taliban from the non-extremist groups. Time will show how things will work out. But the world, I think, is not a safer place. Remember, the USA is not the only target for terrorists, and saying that their soldiers are stationed overseas to ensure America’s freedom is misguided, at least.

OK, so I wasn’t going to elaborate much on this. It would take me all night, and I already have an assignment due tomorrow morning that I have postponed all weekend. Consider this post a stream of consciousness…. I’m typing the words as thoughts come into my mind. I just opened the door to get some fresh air, and it hit me like a rock. The misty air of fall….. crisp, clean, quiet…. I miss those days in Eugene where I could walk around the block to get a spiced pumpkin latte with Sasha in tow. And most of all I miss Sasha. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this, but god, seems like just yesterday she was my constant companion. I hope you are enjoying your run at the Rainbow Bridge, my angel. I will see you again someday, outside time or space.

My darling Sasha



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