My favorite products

I’ve been a make-up and skin care junkie since I was about 13. I always cleanse and moisturize, stay out of the sun and drink tons of water. (And I am currently changing my eating habits, but that’s an entirely different discussion). I’ve tried A LOT of products, trust me. Tried and true, here are some of my go-to’s when shopping. They may not work as well for you, but I can guarantee that these products are not tested on animals and have received great reviews overall. I have a very dry skin that’s also sensitive, so if you have oily or combination skin, you may want to look for those as the ones I refer to are for dry skin mostly.

I am absolutely in LOVE with REN’s products. I apply this serum before moisturizer at night. Some think the Omega 3 in it comes from fish, but it’s from plants. It smells a little bit funky, but leaves your skin so supple and smooth that it is totally worth it.

This is a product I use in the mornings. In Norway, you can buy REN products at several stores and they also have it at the Vitus pharmacies. I recommend getting a starter kit, that way you get to try out different products in the same line and see if it works for you. In the US you’ll find these goodies at Sephora.

Wash the day away with this one!

I am also smitten with this cleanser from Estée Lauder, Soft Clean. It smells amazing, takes off all the dirt and doesn’t clog pores. No breakouts with this one, I promise! available at Macy’s and other big department stores.

Another fave is this cream eyeshadow from Clinique. I use a taupe color called Seventh Heather. Order online at

Also Clinique — this FAB moisturizer. It has everything you need to protect your skin from sun damage and pollution plus it is packed with anti-oxidants. Love love love this.


 This shimmery bronzer from Too Faced is to die for!! It’s perfect for fair skin like mine. I haven’t used it in a while but I am for sure going to order one next time I get paid. Seriously, if you want to add some light (yes, light! it’s a bronzer, but adds a luminescence glow) to your face this is the product. If you have darker skin, there are other variants such as Beach Bunny and Sun Bunny.

This concealer from Benefit is an instant eyelifter. Brightens, smooths and lifts. Perfect for parties, or when you look like hell.

And Jamie, if you are reading, please go to Sephora and get me the bronzer 😛


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