Late lunch with the BFF

Tucked away between narrow streets and alleys lies a fabulous little coffee shop/bar by the name of Bar Barista. I rarely go to that side of town, but I always enjoy it. Sandviken is so different — artsy, vibrant and packed with little indie shops, tattoo parlors, hair salons and vintage stores. Today Heidi and I went back to  Bar Barista for carrot cake and coffee. Yum! I have blogged about this place before, and damn if I can only figure out how to hack into the WordPress platform and fix this little kink… For some reason I am not able to insert links, if I did, I’d take ya on a wild ride. So bear with me for now.

iamge via


image via


image via


4 responses to “Late lunch with the BFF

  1. I love your writing style, Annie 🙂

  2. It made my day, beib ❤ ❤ ❤ Alltid kos med go'dater med DEG!!!
    Gleder meg til neste!!
    "Cheers to the freakin' weekend,
    I drink to that, yeah yeah" (Haha, gubbene bak oss… :P)
    Hehe 😛
    LOVE U!!!!

  3. I love the pictures. The first one in particular really captured my attention and imagination.

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