In an alternate world…

I would have time to read books for fun, not because they’re mandatory items on a syllabus.

I would go to the movies and eat tons of popcorn (because I wouldn’t be dieting and worrying about carbs!), relax and let myself dive into a fictitious universe where no deadline or amounts of paperwork were looming in the distance.

Jamie could go to work, as his immigrant visa had been approved – thus giving him the opportunity to make money and pay taxes to the glorious nation that is called Norway….

I could sometimes sleep in before work!

We could go on vacation!

I could wake up to a morning where I had absolutely nothing planned….

I could spend more time with friends! Watch stupid shows on TV! Do crossword puzzles! Go for walks! Work out! Hang out at the library just for fun! Go home and do nothing!

Instead, I work and study full-time. When not at work, I am either at school or at home trying to teach myself SPSS. I don’t have the ability to go to the seminar groups or even attend half of my classes, yet I do all the assignments and try to cram the content of 15+ books into my overloaded brain. If you think statistics is easy, lucky you. I’ve never been at the brilliance level when it comes to numbers, so what to do when you have missed crucial teachings in the world of regression analysis? Well, you can either give up…. OR buy a book called “SPSS for dummies” (oh yes I did!) which you read during your lunch break, while you cook or eat breakfast, and download the program onto your laptop instead of sitting at the Uni and hope that here is some kind of higher power that will help you speed up the process so you can start reading on a Friday night and turn in a paper Monday morning. It’s not recommended, but totally doable. I did it. I just wish I could clone myself so I could be at two places at ones to be more efficient, but alas that’s not possible. Yet.

I’m stoked that Jamie is finally here, but I am mad at UDI/UNE for not processing our case in a timely manner. If they would just hurry up already! That way I wouldn’t have to stress out about earning 60 credits in one year to complement my income with loans and grants. I could just work… and enjoy my career. But no, there’s no resting on the laurels for this one.

There’s something seriously wrong with our political institutions and the way in which our laws apply.

But hey – who’s complaining?

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