Went to the movies last night and saw Drive. The movie,  starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, and directed by Danish Nicolas Winding Refn, starts off with the title character, The Driver, on one of his “jobs” as a driver for various heists. It’s tense, dark and suspenseful. I was hooked from the first frame. Nobody in the audience uttered a word (very rare these days!) during the entire movie. I love that! Not to be mistaken for a flick in the genre of testosterone-filled-garbage a la The Fast and the Furious, this picture contains just enough action to make it fast-paced, just enough dialogue to keep it flowing but enough blood to startle you from the sometimes dream-like setting. The actors do a good job, although I have to admit I sometimes get annoyed by the non-spoken dialogue of which the communication consists of pure looks and winks and facial mimics. Seriously, how often do you stare into the eyes of someone you’ve known for just a few minutes? But this is movieland and anything goes, so I will let it slip. Bryan Cranston and Christian Hendricks have supporting roles.  As one of the ultimate bad guys we  find Ron Perlman as a mafia-wannabe. I swear, if you don’t believe in evolution, take one look at Perlman, and you’ll never doubt Darwin again.



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