I want!

I admit it… I am hopeless. There is always something I crave. It sounds horribly shallow and materialistic, but hey – I am a girl and I like shiny things. That doesn’t mean I go on a shopping spree everyday, because – trust me – I don’t. But nothing wrong with a little daydreaming. These are currently on my list:

image via nelly.com

 These GORGEOUS Jeffrey Campbell shoes, model “Foxy Shoe”. (OK, I admit it. I already ordered these. It will be a Christmas present for myself….)

image via mamasrollingstone.com

Estée Lauder Pure Color Cyber Eyes. An eye shadow that’s a blend of three forms, liquid, powder and gel. Can be used either wet or dry. What’s not to love? I am addicted to anything glittery and glam on my eyelids.

image via mulberry.com

This Mulberry Alexa bag. Sigh.

image via rivieramaison.com

Lusher Cake Stand from Rivièra Maison. I am a sucker for pretty kitchen stuff.



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